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The 'C' Word, and an apology...

I know, it's been more than two months, my sincere apologies. I do have a good excuse though...

Spending almost half the year in the South of France sounds idyllic, and believe me, I do know how lucky I am, but it does come with a few frustrations, namely reliable internet access.

'Oh, so you must live in a charming, remote little village tucked away in the hills,' I hear you say.

Well, no, we live on the outskirts of Nice, one of the largest cities in France, yet each time we arrive, there are internet problems to be sorted out, and this time they have been more frustrating than ever. The worst storm and the heaviest rainfall on record haven't helped, but our suppliers, Numericable have a whole raft of other excuses readily to hand at all times.

Still, there's always an upside - It's the middle of October, the sun is shining, the sea is sparkling, and I'm sitting writing this at my lovely neighbour's. Is it time for a cuppa yet, or maybe a glass of something? Don't mind if I do.

So, now the dreaded or maybe hotly anticipated, 'C' word...

Dates for the diary leading up to Christmas. Fewer than last year, but I've gone for quality rather than quantity.

Do come along and join us if you can, and bring your friends. The more the merrier!

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