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New Challenges for a New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! It's not too late to say that is it? It is still January after all.

Well, it may be another year, but I seem to have been up to my old tricks again. Without any planning or effort on my part, almost without realising, I seem to have taken a step back from social media. When things become a bit much, I think a sort of temporary blackout descends and puts me into automatic self-preservation mode.

And if I'm honest, a number of things happened last year, none of which I had any control over, but all of which affected me more than I realised at the time. As a result, I've unthinkingly shrunk my world down to a manageable core and am only now beginning to claw my way out.

All of which sounds incredibly self-indulgent and 'poor me', but I'm not touting for sympathy, as, in many ways, I've had a brilliant year. Lots of wonderfully relaxing and inspiring UK breaks, successful exhibitions and workshops, good friends, the list goes on, but my capacity to deal with the less pleasant events that were happening was hindered by my deteriorating health.

Happily, after many months, and many, many tests, they found the problem, and a successful procedure just before Christmas has jumpstarted my heart back to normal rhythm. Fingers crossed now that it stays that way, otherwise all these drugs will have been to no avail!

So. if you're someone that I haven't been very communicative with, I apologise. If I've failed to get back to you over something, likewise. And if you're someone who is waiting for dates of Workshops or Classes, they're on their way soon, I promise. I'm still here, just feeling a little smaller and finding it hard to raise my voice. But be assured, I will get there!

PS Talking of health-related things...tenuous link here....if you're ever in need of something life-affirming, something joyous, something to clear your head of all the rubbish that is going on in there, I can personally recommend cold-water sea dipping.

Last spring, courtesy of my lovely friend Caroline, a great lover-of-all-things-Cornwall, I officially became a fully-fledged Bluetit at beautiful, friendly Perranporth! Yes. that is exactly what they're called, and for good reason!!

We're returning to Cornwall in March - I must remember my cossie!

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