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The Wait Is Finally Over!

Well, the pictures are finished, the framing is done, the List of Work is ready, the labels are all written (by hand, naturally, my old printer that I use for sort of stuff, let me down!) and the van is packed.

What's it all for?! Well, I've waited two years for this day. Originally booked for Easter 2020, FINALLY, tonight we're setting up my first solo exhibition at Number 8 in my old hometown, Pershore, in Worcestershire.

Why Pershore? Well, it's personal. I grew up in the area - nearby Peopleton was my childhood home, school was Pinvin and then Evesham, and then in my twenties, Pershore itself where I lived and worked for five years before returning to raise my boys back in Peopleton. To be back on the High Street, as an exhibiting artist, a place where I used to work - first as a Saturday job, later as a student, and then in the family business, well, it feels a bit special.

The venue, Number 8 is a thriving community Arts Centre comprising a Gallery, Theatre and Coffee Bar at, surprise, surprise, Number 8 High Street. The Coffee Bar where the Gallery is situated, is open from 10am to 4pm. The evening bar is also open one hour prior to screenings and events. See their website for details:

The exhibition runs from 17th March to 6th April

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