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Remember, remember...

The memory is definitely failing, and I find myself fumbling in the murky depths of my brain for forgotten words increasingly frequently, so it seemed appropriate to send out a little reminder along with an invitation...

Warwickshire Open Studios is now in full swing at St Gregory's in Offchurch and we're celebrating the middle weekend by staying open late tomorrow, Saturday 24th June. Not late, late you understand, just until 7.30pm, so you'll still have time to make the most of your Saturday evening afterwards. Join us for a glass of wine and some nibbles from about 5pm.

Of course, if you can't make it tomorrow, there is still plenty of time to catch this lively and varied exhibition. I am just one of five local artists exhibiting in this stunning venue, and we're open every day until Sunday 2nd July.

Opening Times:

10.30 - 5pm Monday to Saturday

12 - 5pm Sunday (for obvious reasons, this is a church after all!)

A big THANK YOU, of course, to all those who have already been over to see us.

See you soon!

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