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Out of Hibernation

After a predictably hectic Christmas period I seem to have shut myself away for the past month doing very little - we all need to recharge the batteries from time to time and this was my chance to be lazy. I was lucky enough to take a tip from the swallows though and make my way south for the winter, well, for one month of it at least. Bright, sun-filled days and crisp, clear nights, for the most part at least. A chance to take long walks, to read, and time to indulge my new-found guilty pleasure, jigsaws! I fear I may have to ration myself...

In fact, painting has taken a back seat for a while. I've not stopped completely, I've carried on with pet commissions while I've been away, but as regards my general painting, I feel I'm at something of a crossroads. I'm itching to try a different approach, but at the same time am constantly drawn back to that which I am familiar with, safe territory. It's that familiar old demon, fear of failure. So, in an effort to clear my head and to make way for this brave new vision, I'm having a physical clear out, a studio sale!

Well, technically, Warwickshire Open Studios are having the sale, I'm just lucky enough to be a part of it. Among the bargains I'll be taking along will be some older paintings, some less-loved, more experimental pieces, a few life drawings, and some end-of-line jewellery which will all be HALF PRICE! There are going to be 25 artists altogether, so plenty of bargains to be had - come early for the best deals!

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