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Open Studios Offchurch...

Warwickshire Open Studios was such a success this summer at St Gregory's in Offchurch, that on the basis that, 'you can't have too much of a good thing', we decided to do it all again for Christmas!

We will be gathering in the greenery and stringing up the lights to decorate the church. There's live music on Friday evening and we can promise you plenty of festive treats throughout the weekend.

The five artists who took part in the summer will all be back:

Eleanor Allitt with her lyrical illustrations

Judith Perry, bringing some Andalucian warmth and colour

Colin Purdy's extraordinarily tactile bowls and platters

Julie Law with her stunning photographs and mixed media work

and me of course!

Alongside my familiar florals and local scenes there will be new watercolours, new prints, new cards and some exciting new products.

If you're looking for something different this Christmas, come along and soak up the atmosphere at this rather special place, you won't be disappointed!

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