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A Sketchy Confession

So I excused myself for two months and somehow it has turned into five, June already! How did that happen? This year is absolutely flying by.

Have you missed these riveting missives? I suspect not, it may even have come as a relief, especially if like me, your inbox is always full of 'stuff'. Interesting, random, rarely vital 'stuff'. So I'll be brief. I'm back!

Okay, not quite that brief. Two months travelling was followed by a month of catching up with people - top of the list, first granddaughter. Very exciting! Cuddles and cooing sorted, finally, I settled down to paint. And here's the thing, my head, a bit like your inbox, was full - full of new ideas, amazing imagery, the sights and sounds of so many new places. Where to start?! I had done some sketching while we were travelling, rather self-consciously at first, then with increasing confidence. I'm not a natural sketcher. I expect too much, I'm far too precious about putting ideas down on paper, even after all these years, so I also took photographs. Many, many photographs. And there is the problem. Too much 'stuff'.

The images and ideas badly needed some editing. I found I couldn't settle, flitting from one thing to the next, unfinished, unsatisfactory pieces scattered in my wake. The summer exhibitions began to draw closer and the days were flying by. What to do? Well, they say the when the going gets tough, you should just keep going, and I did. So happily, I am at last beginning to make some sense of things and have finally produced some new work which I am pleased with, but it has been a lesson. One that may work equally well on your inbox - Sketch more, edit more, make space so you can focus on the important 'stuff'.

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