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Exhibition Heroes

With Warwickshire Open Studios just a few days away, 17th June - 2nd July, it's a busy, busy time for all the participating artists, and I'm certainly no exception! I wanted to take a moment though, in the words of La La land, to remember the supporting cast without whom none of this would be possible.

Take, for instance, the printers and framers, who always seem happy to accommodate last minute requests with a smile, even though they may be groaning inside, perhaps just a little. Yes, I'm talking about you Nina and Mikey at Ginger, David at Haloprint and all the others beavering away to meet our deadlines.

Then there are the family and friends, the neighbours, who not only agree to strange requests - 'Can I please borrow that folding, finger-trapping table/hoard of large white antique tablecloths/tailor's dummy of yours please, it would just be perfect for what I have in mind?' They also turn out to support us, to boost our visitor numbers, to reassure us and bolster our faltering egos. Some of them even pay us the ultimate compliment of actually purchasing from us, of handing over money for something we've created - how great is that?!! ( Definitely not expected of you, let me make that absolutely clear! )

Crucially, there are also the long-suffering spouses, the partners, those people who collect stuff, transport stuff, take messages, cook meals, wipe fevered brows, put up with the tiredness, the grumpiness when things aren't going to plan. Above all, let's not forget them.

And lastly, let's remember and give thanks for the organisers of this hugely successful event. Artists like ourselves, they give up their time and expertise to make this event what it is - planning brochures, reminding us of deadlines, delivering brochures, monitoring and handling social media and countless other tasks of which we have no idea - Don Mason, Jo Powers and all the rest of the amazing team, we salute you one and all!!

Once again, I will be exhibiting at the ancient church of St Gregory's in Offchurch alongside four other incredibly talented artists. We are open every day 10.30 - 5, except for Sunday, when we open at 12.

For full details and daily updates check out our Facebook page, WOSOffchurch.

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