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The unexpected delights of exhibiting

Warwickshire Open Studios - two days down, two weeks to go and what a wonderful opening weekend.

This is my third year exhibiting as part of this amazing, county-wide event, and the wonderful visitors who walk through our door never cease to amaze and delight me.

Many are local, but some have travelled a distance - the furthest so far, a visitor from Belgium! Some are first-timers, some have chanced upon us accidentally, and some have sought us out specifically to come and look at our work. How wonderful is that?! People who have liked and followed my work on Facebook, people who already have a painting and are looking for another. I am humbled to think someone has heard about the exhibition and decided to have a day out and pay us a visit. We love to meet you, to chat, to discuss our work, your hobbies, to hear of the other artists you've visited. Thank you, thank you all, for taking the time and for walking through our door. We do appreciate it. Bring on the next two weeks!

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